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Brushing is important in dental care. The first thing to do is to choose the right toothbrush. The most suitable brush is medium hard and the brush head is small. When the brush head is small, the back teeth can be reached more easily and the nausea reflex is reduced.

In the selection of toothpaste, the one with fluoride should be preferred. A different brand of toothpaste should be purchased each time. Thus, the abrasives contained in it change in shape and size and do not create an abrasion in the same direction. This prevents our teeth from being damaged.

There are toothpastes as well as toothpastes. They are not recommended for daily use as they have too much abrasives. It can be used once or twice a month.

In tooth brushing techniques, the toothbrush is held at an angle of 45 degrees and brushing is started from the gum line towards the oral cavity. Starting from the tooth surfaces, brushing should not be done in hard strokes, but in circles and softly, from the front teeth to the back teeth.

Afterwards, the inner surfaces of the teeth are brushed in the same way and the brush is kept tilted and moved from the gum to the oral cavity.

The chewing surfaces of the teeth are brushed by moving the brush straight back and forth. Thus, healthy gums do not bleed during brushing.

If your teeth bleed while brushing, it means that the bleeding areas are not cleaned well. You shouldn’t stop brushing just because your gums are bleeding. On the contrary, the bleeding site should be brushed more carefully and carefully.

Since the toothbrush is a personal tool, it should not be shared with others. Toothbrushes should be changed every few months, at most every 3-4 months.

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