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Dental Health in Pregnancy

How to Treat Pregnant Women with Toothache ?

We can do all kinds of procedures in pregnancies without problems. However, we prefer to meet only the urgent needs of the pregnant woman and do other treatments after the birth so that the pregnant woman does not get tired. Except for acute cases such as fractures, we do not take X-rays to pregnant women. In difficult pregnancies (miscarriage risk, premature birth risk, allergy status, bleeding problems, etc.), we can treat the pregnant with the approval of the obstetrician.

Will Rotten Teeth Harm the Baby ?

Microbes in the mouth spread to the body through digestion. It should not be forgotten that microbes are always a risk factor. The biggest problem in dental caries is that it causes pain, which is an undesirable situation in this process.

Is Root Canal Treatment Performed for Pregnant Women?

Thanks to the developing technology, root canal treatment can be performed in pregnant women with rotary instruments and ‘apex locator’. X-rays are not taken only during root canal treatment. All kinds of dental treatment, including tooth extraction, can be performed during pregnancy, but if the condition of the pregnant woman is not urgent, the treatment is postponed until after delivery.

Importance of Pre-Pregnancy Dental Care

Pregnancy causes some changes in the body’s hormonal system. In this process, changing nutritional habits, teeth and tissues around the teeth become more prone to damage. It is very important for the mother-to-be to have dental treatments before pregnancy, both for her own health and for the health of the baby.

What Should Be Considered About Pre-Pregnancy Dental Health ?

  • The condition of the wisdom teeth should be checked.
  • Old or poorly executed transactions should be checked.
  • Gum disease should be controlled.
  • Attention should be paid to brushing and feeding habits.

Are Drugs Used in Dental Treatment Harmful to Mother and Baby ?

We use local anesthesia for dental treatment of pregnant women. It is very unlikely that local anesthetics will pass into the system and pass from there to the baby, we ignore that possibility. If we are already doing treatment, this process is also urgent and the untreated tooth will cause more harm to the baby.

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