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How long is the treatment period? And What Should I Pay Attention To During This Time?

The duration of treatment varies according to each case. The condition of the crowding or anomaly, the method to be used, the patient’s loyalty to the treatment process, etc. factors affect the duration. Since there will be tools such as plaque, plastic, bracket, wire that will make it difficult to provide oral hygiene during the braces treatment, extreme attention should be paid to oral and dental care. The doctor’s instructions should be followed, hard and acidic foods that will adversely affect the treatment should be avoided.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics; It helps crooked teeth move and settle properly with tools such as braces, appliances and clear aligners. Because crooked teeth are difficult to clean, the risk of tooth decay and gum disease is higher. Using x-rays and other tools, the orthodontist will decide during the examination which orthodontic treatment is suitable for you.
The fastest response to treatment occurs during the growth and development period (11-17 years), jaw bones and teeth respond more quickly to the treatment in this period. However, patients can wear braces at an advanced age. Dental problems (such as crowding, gaps, etc.) can be treated at any age, when the doctor’s instructions are taken into account. Skeletal problems, in terms of development (such as positioning the lower jaw forward or positioning it behind…) can be easily eliminated with functional treatments where growth is directed. Skeletal problems, such as positioning the lower jaw anteriorly or posteriorly in adults (18 years and older), can be corrected with jaw surgery.

What is Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plaques?

Today, orthodontic treatment can be performed with transparent plaques. The size of the crowding in the teeth, the age of the patient, etc. Orthodontic treatment can be performed with clear aligners or fixed wires, taking into account special cases such as Your orthodontist will give the most accurate information about the treatment method and duration of treatment during the examination.

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