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Smile Design

How to Smile Design ?

First of all, it is very important to understand the patient’s expectations correctly and to determine the needs correctly in smile design. By means of the measurements taken from the patient’s mouth, problems are determined and plans are made on the prepared models. Then, measurements are made using special programs in the computer environment with the patient’s mouth and face photographs, and the face shape is calculated. The most approximate images that will occur after the treatment are presented to the patient with programs and temporary restorations prepared in accordance with the patient’s mouth, and their opinions are taken.
This preliminary work prepared in the laboratory environment is called “mock-up”. After the mock-up is applied to the mouth, it is evaluated together by the physician and the patient. After the final arrangements are made in line with the patient’s expectations, the finished teeth are prepared in the laboratory. Thanks to this procedure, the patient does not encounter any unexpected surprises when the teeth are finished.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is the personal adaptation of the teeth, lips and gingival elements that play a role in the smile of the person. While designing the smile, the patient’s gender, facial structure, facial expressions and character are also important parameters in the design. Smile design is also known as “Hollywood Smile” in the world.

What Treatments / Procedures Does Smile Design Include ?

Aesthetic smile design is dental treatments applied to change the shape, surface structure or color of the teeth. It includes laminated porcelain, full ceramic porcelain, zirconium crowns, aesthetic composite fillings, bonding method and laser whitening, as well as gingival leveling processes to provide pink aesthetics. Sometimes only one of these procedures may be sufficient, while in some cases combinations of these treatments are used.

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