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Snoring Prosthesis

What is the Snoring Prosthesis?

Snore; They are noisy and disturbing sounds that occur when we breathe as a result of the narrowing of the airway between the mouth, nasal passages and nose. When the back of the tongue, the soft palate and the uvula stick together, vibration occurs during breathing and causes the sound of snoring. The snoring prosthesis is a prosthesis consisting of plaques worn on the lower and upper teeth of the person. By keeping the lower jaw forward and lower, it helps open the airway a little more for breathing passage. Thus, it prevents snoring and provides easier breathing.

What are the Advantages of the Snoring Prosthesis?

  • It is easy and comfortable to use.
  • It reduces snoring and sleep apnea from the moment it is used. (Mostly, it stops snoring and sleep apnea in the first night.) The main effects are observed within 3-4 weeks.
  • It does not require any surgical intervention.
  • It is inexpensive compared to other treatment methods.

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