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What is an implant?

An implant is a tooth root that is mostly screw-shaped and placed in the jawbone while treating teeth lost for different reasons. After the connection of the implant with the bone is completed, both function and aesthetics are restored to the patient with the porcelain placed on it.

There are some conditions for the application of dental implants. These;

• At least 1 or more missing teeth,
• Having a healthy mouth tissue,
• None of systemic diseases that may cause negative effects in terms of bone healing,
• Not using cigarettes and alcohol. There is no rule that implants cannot be made in patients with bad habits; however, it should not be used for a certain period of time before and after surgery, in line with the physician’s recommendations, as it makes recovery difficult.

Conditions That May Be Encountered After Implant

• Infection in the implanted area,
• Pain in the gums, lips, jaws,
• edema, swelling around the surgical site,
• Bruising on the skin or gums,
• Minor bleeding.

Such disadvantages; It is minimized as much as possible with the drugs prescribed by the physician and the rules explained to the patients.

How Should Post Implant Nutrition Be?

• After the implant, soft foods should be consumed at room temperature.
• Hard and granular foods should be avoided to protect the seams.
• After the time determined by the dentist, it is possible to return to the normal diet.

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